Alternadudes : Anthony

Anthony is a Latino skater covered in tats. His back is inked up as well as having tats up both arms and on his chest and stomach. He’s bisexual but admits he likes to service the men every chance he gets. He considers himself a “versatile bottom“. When he’s not able to take a cock or bang a chick, he practices his magic on himself, which is what he did for us this lucky day.

Anthony starts out playing with himself down his pants. He’s a horny guy so not surprisingly the pants were off in no time at all. He spreads his legs and we see him massaging his cock inside his undies. They’re tight and form fitting and showcase his bulge quite nicely. When he whips out his dick, we see it’s uncut and not quite all the way hard. He still has a way to go before his johnson gets to its biggest potential. He keeps working it and as he does, he gets faster. He likes his beat-off sessions rough and quick handed. As he pounds you can hear the slapping of skin against skin, his fist pulling his foreskin down over his thick shaft and slapping against his balls before instantly snapping back up. Over and over he goes as his breathing gets harder and more labored. He’s in a jackoff marathon with himself!

Just as he gains momentum, he turns around and starts spreading his cheeks. He flashes his nice tight ass to the camera, rubs it a bit and then goes in to finger himself while he keeps pounding his rod. His finger has a tough time sliding all the way in. When he finally gets it in, his breathing starts getting heavy yet again. You can see his balls moving in his tight nut sack as it swings back and forth with each jack of his hand. His finger session is a long one. He just wants something up his ass and all he’s got is his old standby finger.

Anthony flips around again and stands while he jerks. The slapping gets louder as he declares that he’s going to cum. He gets on his back, puts his legs in the air with his knees bent and feet dangling as the finger goes back into it’s hole. More slapping and more heavy breathing pass the time until he decides to let his cock erupt. As the jizz flows out of his dick, he starts yelling “Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!”. It oozes out and runs down his nice brown balls and flows towards his asshole where it disappears into his crack.

Our best guess is that Anthony will have you panting and slapping and breathing heavily right along with him!