Alternadudes : Blonde hair on Teddy Bearskins

Teddy Bearskins is a hot long haired rocker with a nice thick uncut 7 and a half inch dick. He’s on his way into the studio when he decides to stop and take a piss in our bathroom down the hall. He spits into the toilet as he pisses and flicks the last drops from his healthy foreskin. He comes in and we catch him off guard without letting him get comfy on our couch. Our cameraman coaxes him along, telling him to take off his clothes. Teddy proclaims that he never wears underwear so to be ready because once his pants are off that’s it. The mystery’s gone!

Teddy peels his pants slowly to a heap on the floor and reveals a big nest of ginger pubes. His balls are hairy and fuzzy and it looks as if nothing has ever been trimmed on his body in his life. He reveals the secret that he’s actually really a ginger but that he dyes his hair blonde. We were fooled. Our cameraman thought Teddy had dyed his pubes red for some unknown reason.

Teddy goes to town on his big hard cock, making it flip and flop around by itself. He’s got a great sense of humor and continues talking and joking even as he gets hard and jacks his rod. He keeps getting close to cumming but doesn’t want to spoil our shoot by cumming too soon. His dick is dripping pre-cum, which he tastes and tells us it tastes like macadamia nut, which he ate earlier in the day.

Teddy is getting close to busting his nut. He lifts his arm high above his head to showcase his fully bushy untrimmed pit. He says “okay” then dumps his load all over his birds nest of a crotch. He howls like a dog as he spurts and splats his creamy white cum. He rubs it in his pubes, eats some of it and puts the rest in his hair like one would work in a conditioner. Teddy is fucking sexy as all hell. We can only hope he decides to come back and get his hairy asshole stuffed as well!