Alternadudes : Carjacking With Jace

Jace is driving through Hollywood when our cameraman asks if he has ever jacked off while driving. Jace says he’s tried a few times and without much of an invitation, he whips out his cock and starts rubbing one out. He drives up and down the city streets, trying not to be seen in traffic, by pedestrians, and a few hotties who actually do notice what’s going on.

Jace keeping plugging away and gets hot and heavy every time he hits a red light. At one point he’s almost ready to blow his load when the car behind him honks and takes him out of his happy place. Jace finally finds a not-so-deserted place in The Hills to finish the job. When this guy blows a load, he really blows a load. He slathers the steering wheel and driver’s seat of the car and even hits the radio! He wipes up his mess, pulls up his underwear and waves goodbye before he drives off satisfied and relaxed from a job well done!