Alternadudes : Chato Bear Blowing the Cameraman

Chato Bear is one hot hairy scenester with a giant uncut dick. He doesn’t waste any time getting his clothes off and he starts right in jacking his rod even before his pants are off. He immediately reaches for his big hairy bush and starts making his cock rise. It keeps going and going until it’s almost a full 8 inches long. He’s so horny that he leaves his pants on one leg for most of his session.

Chato lays back and pumps it on a flat cart with wheels. He rolls back and forth a bit as his big balls bounce with the rhythm he keeps with his fist, pounding up and down over and over. He said earlier in his interview that he can’t get enough cock. He doesn’t care what size or color or shape it is. He just was simply born to suck them. About halfway through him jacking off, he eagerly asks the cameraman if he “minds”. This is just one more perk our cameraman sometimes enjoys, and he quickly says that he doesn’t mind. Chato reaches up and undoes the cameraman’s pants and quickly gets to work sucking him off. When Chato is super hard, he lays off the cameraman and goes back to work on himself. Poor cameraman. He didn’t get to finish. We never asked, but we think he might have finished himself off in the bathroom later.

Chato also enjoys a finger or two up his ass when he beats off. Today is no exception. He bends over, sticks his ass in the air and fingers his own asshole, spreading it wide. He gets close to blowing his load a few times but shows restraint and slowly pulls back each time. He rolls back over to finish up his job. He warns us that he’s about to cum and then without missing a beat erupts in an oozing thick sticky mess. It rolls out onto his big full balls and onto the floor and douses his forest of pubes. He rubs it in and lays back covered in his own thick white juice.