Alternadudes : Italian Rocker Dude With Tats Sprays Surfer’s Face

We caught Matteo jacking off in our studio…..again! This guy just can’t quick sneaking in and rubbing one out. This time, we also caught Spencer Kayne spying on him whacking his big, uncut Italian sausage…..and so did Matteo.

When Matteo found out he was pissed! He decided to punish poor Spencer, who was forced to get on his knees and take Matteo’s big steamy load all over his face!

Okay….okay….we know this scene is a bit silly, and we know Matteo isn’t an actor, but we also think it’s sexy and amazingly hot! Matteo could sit alone and read a book of poetry to himself and we’d love to watch it. We know a lot of you are fans of both Matteo and Spencer, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. (Especially Matteo’s ad libs near the end!)