Alternadudes : Johnny Draino

Johnny Draino is a tatted hipster who loves to fidget with his nuts. When he’s not tugging his ballsack, it’s almost a sure bet that you’ll find him talking dirty.

This horny hipster starts right off by unsnapping his western style shirt and and playing with his nipples. The shirt comes off and his hands find their prize deep inside his jeans. He meticulously pulls off his pants and socks and then turns around, grabs his nice bubble butt and slowly pulls his underwear off to reveal his nice hairy ass.

He turns around, cock in hand and starts up with the dirty talk. He looks right into the camera and tells you that he wants his cock to grow in your mouth. He lays on a bench, watches some porn on his phone and begins with the nut play. As he tugs and pulls and contorts his balls, he looks back into the camera and tells you what to do with his sack. His arm goes up over his head to show off his hairy pit.

Johnny can’t quite get his cock up to full mast in his surroundings so he goes into the room with the TV and puts on some straight porn. We left him alone for a minute with the camera rolling to give him some privacy. When we reviewed the footage we found that he’d gotten down in front of the camera and unleashed a nice hot uncensored stream of dirty talk, telling you what to do, how to do it, and how he likes things.

He goes back to beating off as his balls flop. The closer he gets to blowing his load, the tighter his sack gets. You can actually see his balls pull up to each side of his cock. He starts winding up with the moaning, his balls pull tighter and spurt after spurt of warm white goodness flow forth onto his stomach.

He scoops some of it up and takes a taste. He claims he’s never tasted his own jizz before and that this was a first. We’re not quite sure he’s telling the truth about that one, though. He almost seemed eager to get it in his mouth…as if he were craving it…like any tried and true cocksucker would!