Alternadudes : Logan Hughes

Logan Hughes is a shaggy backpacker who’s traveling around the U.S. seeking adventure, fun and a bit of trouble. When he finds himself in Los Angeles he decides to try his hand at porn (literally) so that he can raise a little bit of cash for his bus ride to Vegas. He’s had run-ins with the cops, gotten laid by chicks, and now finds himself with his cock in his hand ready to pound one out.

Logan rubs his growing cock through his pants. He’s layered up with a pair of basketball shorts over his underwear which all are under a pair of tight jeans. He peels off the jeans and rubs through the shorts a bit before the shorts and everything else comes off. His cock is big and pent up and hairy. He hasn’t been laid in about 6 months. His pubes curl around his shaft and cover his balls. He’s fuzzy and hairy and hasn’t shaved one hair on his crotch once in his life. Logan is nervous and keeps glancing at the camera, half flirting and half wanting to get out of there.

Logan stands up and lets his fuzzy ballsack move back and forth as he beats his meat. Each tug of the hand makes his nuts flip a little bit more. He lays back down, curls the toes on his dirty feet as his grubby hands work his thickening shaft. After all, he’s been backpacking for months and he hasn’t been able to shower all that often. He throws his head down, closes his eyes, and lets the cum go. He paints his thick curly pubes with his white sauce and breathes heavily as his release is made final. He looks back up at the camera, almost (but not quite) ashamed of the mess he just made all over his thick hairy crotch.