Alternadudes : Long Haired Rocker Drums a Steady Beat

We found Criss coming out of a club in Hollywood one hot summer night with his hot girlfriend on his arm. We were sure he wouldn’t be interested in jacking off for the camera, but to our surprise, he called us back the very next day. Criss is a rock & roll drummer who likes to fuck women every chance he gets. He doesn’t mind showing off for men or having some good group sex with other guys as long as no one touches him. He’s got a nice dick and a great set of balls that he likes to fiddle with and rub to get hard.

Criss took a piss right before the shoot (he wouldn’t let us film it). He wasn’t wearing any underwear and he came back into the studio with a big wet piss stain on the crotch of his black jeans. He sat right down in front of a porn watching women get fucked while their tits bounced. He grabbed the remote and started rubbing his wet spot and the bulge of his sack on the left side of his crotch and then wasted no time letting his balls out for the world to see.

Criss starts getting hard and pulls his pants down to his ankles. He looks into the camera and gets a rhythm going to get him off. He can’t wait to cum. He’s nervous and his hard on comes and goes a bit as he beats off with no one else in the room except the cameraman. Remember that Criss is as straight as they come, so we applaud him for taking the plunge and letting a man witness his dirty deed.

Criss asks if he can cum and when the cameraman gives him the green light, he blasts his creamy white load all over his trimmed black pubes. It’s a thick batch and it sticks to everything it oozed out onto. In the end his cock and hand are sticky and full of sperm. The cameraman asks how it was for his first time on camera and Criss replies that it was intense. He then adds that it would have been better with a pussy to stick his dick in. Way to go Criss! We can’t get enough of your long hair and thick mouth watering cum!