Alternadudes : Natu Summer

Natu is a scruffy, complicated blonde skater with a great set of big balls. He gives a short interview but is a man of few words. He gets right to the point and starts rubbing his dick through his dirty pants before he pulls it out. He’s a bit shy and it takes a while for him to get hard but he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Natu stands up and shows his talent for making his balls move. His big sack actually dances up and down as one ball hangs lower and his cock goes up and down hitting his bushy thick pubes. Natu flirts with the camera as he does it too, barely taking his gaze off the man he’s imagining getting off to his little show.

Always the quiet one, Natu finishes up without much noise. A talent he got from learning to jack off with the family nearby. His cum is creamy and white and he samples his jizz with a quick taste before he’s up and out and onto his next thing.