Alternadudes : Robbie

Robbie Keif is a super thin shaggy twink with a great body and a nice cock. He came in dressed like a hippie but as the layers came off, he was a skier and skater underneath it all. He has a really unique technique of jacking off or at least for getting hard. He rubs his cock through his cord jeans and opens them part way. His hand goes down his pants briefly but soon comes out and once again works his dick from the outside of the fabric. The friction of the cloth against his rapidly growing cock feels good. His circular rubbing becomes frenzied and soon his full woody pops out and his pants come off.

Robbie gets down in lots of different positions. He stands, then sits, then stands again. We thought we were in a Catholic church with the way this guy was sitting and standing. The only thing he didn’t do was kneel (this time). His crazy mop top hair covers his eyes and we only get glimpses of his big baby blues underneath. His body is super tight and you can see the muscles ripple when he moves to keep jacking off. His pubes are trimmed but he leaves enough hair to remind us that he’s a straight guy. The more he jacks, the sweatier he gets and at one point towards the end you can see the sweat dripping down his chest and out from his armpits.

Before he moves closer to the finish line, Robbie turns around so we can get an eyeful of his nice hairy ass. He proudly sticks his butt in the air, leans down on the chair, and keeps on pounding upside down with all his shaggy hair hanging down into his face, his sweaty armpits perfectly on display.

Robbie keeps going and as he watches his straight porn on the screen in front of him, he gets ready to blow his load. He starts moaning. It’s low at first but builds to a crescendo as he gets closer and closer while he pounds away. Finally, the good stuff comes rolling out of his cock and as he cums, he stops moaning. He cums some more and then there are a few more desperate grunts and groans as he finishes up his business and shakes his dick to get all the juicy white cum off the tip. It’s pooled up on his stomach and sticks to his cock. Robbie is happy as he finishes up and gives a final flirty smile to the camera as if to say that next time it’s going to be you who gets his load.