Alternadudes : Seere

Seere is a horny shaggy surfer, skater and musician to name just a few of the things that make him sexy. This guy gets straight to the point and removes his shirt and digs deep into his jeans practically before the cameras were even rolling! He closes his eyes and enjoys the feel of his warm and sweaty balls for a minute before he meticulously removes his shoes and socks and then moves onto taking off his tight jeans. He plays more with his cock and balls inside his underwear before he pulls his junk out of the easy access pee slot in his his pine tree boxers. When he’s good and hard, the boxers hit the floor.

He’s got a nice five o’clock shadow going on with hairy legs, a tuft of hair on his chest and incredible gorgeous bushy armpits. Seere is really into anything to do with butt sex so of course he feels the need to turn around and finger his tight hole. He rubs his cock as his other hand probes and massages his ass. His mouth opens and his eyes close and he begins to moan.

The head of Seere’s cock is plump and wider than the rest of his cock. He has a unique technique of dry rubbing the shaft and pumping his head while he moans and pulls his balls tight. Soon, his dick is literally oozing white semen that rolls out and covers his hand and dick and balls. It’s sticky and warm as it hits his body and his relief is instant. He’s flirty and playful as he giggles and says goodbye to the camera. Thanks for coming in Seere! It’s not often we get to see such a sticky ooze-fest of pure pent-up cum!