Alternadudes : Surfer Dude Spanks It By The Beach

Spencer Kayne is here and ready for some summertime fun in the sun. He’s incredibly intelligent and has interests that range from skating and surfing all the way to classical concert piano and advanced over-the-head mathematics.

We caught up with Spencer on the beach. He swims, lays in the sand and talks a bit about his life, hobbies and sex life. After a bit, he peels off his swimsuit to reveal a speedo before he wraps himself in a towel and heads back to the car.

With the door wide open, and the waves crashing in, Spencer starts pounding his meat right out in public in broad daylight! He lays on his towel and pulls off his speedo. Under it all, his hairy balls and ass have trapped a day’s worth of sand from playing in the water. Undeterred and hard as fuck, Spencer pounds on, rubbing his sandy balls and cock, determined to finish the job. After jacking to the thrill of being in public and near the ocean, he proclaims that he’s about to cum, throws his head back and unleashes a geyser of cum that squirts and runs everywhere. The milky treat literally runs off his chest and down onto his arms and the towel he’s laying on.

Let the games begin – The King of Summer has cum!