Alternadudes : Tatted Biker Stud With Giant Balls Gets Relief in the Shower

Ruckus is a hot tatted biker stud who needs to get out of the rare San Francisco heat to go shower in the Alternadudes motel room. He’s a stinky hot mess and can’t wait to get clean. He flirts a bit with the camera and talks about his bike and sex life as he peels off his sweaty clothes. He invites the cameraman to watch him while he takes a shower and then hops in to get lathered up.

Ruckus takes his time washing his bits and pieces and slowly works his way down his body getting his armpits, chest, and stomach all soapy and bubbly before moving down to his dark, thick, trimmed pubes and giant lowhanging balls. Once his balls are clean, he moves on down the line all the way to his feet. Nearly every square inch of Ruckus’ hot body is covered in tats. The cameraman asks Ruckus to turn around and show off his asshole and Ruckus is more than happy to oblige.

When Ruckus gets all of his body clean he starts working the pole. His big ballsack swings back and forth as he pumps for his big pent up load. He closes his eyes and opens his mouth and lets the cum fly all over the shower door. His jizz is extra thick and white and it runs down the glass and onto the tiles where it coagulates in a thick white pool. Ruckus bends over and picks some of it up. He plays with it on his fingers and then wipes some on his armpit to wear home.

Ruckus is relieved of his horniness and of the heat. He towels off, puts his clothes back on and walks back out into the heat to get sticky all over again!