Alternadudes : Tatted Latino Daddy Stud Cums in His Own Mouth

Maxx Sanchez is a tatted up muscle stud daddy with a nice cock, big balls and the ability to shoot his own load into his mouth. Maxx is just plain horny most of the time. He doesn’t care if it’s a man or a woman as long as he has a hole to stick his dick into. He also doesn’t care if a man or a woman is shoving something up his ass as long as that something is lubed up and rather large.

Maxx starts out by immediately taking off his pants, grabbing his silicone based lube, and rubbing it all over his body. He oils up his well defined tatted up muscles, gets some in his dark, trimmed pubes and starts working his expanding shaft. Within seconds Maxx is hard as a rock and he’s working his cock up and down. He’s able to move his dick like anyone else would move their arm. He raises and lowers his throbbing cock from his tight stomach to show what he’s got. He works it a bit more before he rolls over to show off his asshole, which he also has control of in the muscle department. He squeezes and relaxes it, contracting it again and again as he waits for someone to shove something inside of him.

Maxx raises his legs in the air showing everything he’s got as he spins around and folds himself in half. He tries to reach his cock with his tongue but it’s not working. He’s horny and hungry for cum. Finally, after a silent but sexy as all fuck jack off session, he moans a few moans, tosses out a few quiet grunts, and shoots a thick healthy load of extra thick white jizz onto his tongue. He closes his mouth, swallows his load and proudly shows his empty tongue to prove that he swallowed every last drop. Way to go, you greedy man…next time leave some for the rest of us!