Alternadudes : White Trash Rocker Plays His Hairy Crotch

Angel Spheres is a white trash, mullet sportin’, dirty jean wearin’ fucking hot as hell dude with a birds nest of a hairy crotch and tats splattered around his body. He’s a techno singer in a band and likes both the men and the women. He starts off by peeling off his dirty jeans and getting down to business. He runs his fingers through his thick pubes and starts massaging his nestled in dick. When his jeans are off, he lifts his arms above his head and start sniffing his pits. He plays with his pit hair and loves flirting with both the camera and the cameraman.

”Do you like this?” He asks the cameraman at one point? We’re pretty sure the cameraman was vying for a better position on his knees or with his zipper open but the invite never came from this hot young thing. Angel rubs and gets hard and continues to play with his pits and pubes. His balls are a hairy mess and he rubs and tugs them, complaining how he likes his balls pulled hard but how no one has ever been able to pull them hard enough during sex. He looks into the camera and stretches them to the breaking point, getting harder with each second his nutsack is in his vice-like grip.

Finally, Angel can’t hold off any longer. His session ends with his heavy breathing and his thick white jizz rolling out of the tip of his throbbing cock and down onto his hands and hairy balls. Angel tastes his semen, rubs it into his pubes, gives it a taste and rubs the leftovers in his hair. This hottie is spent and he’s off to a rave in the desert in the van he lives in with three of his current vanmates.