Chubs&Cubs : Alex

Alex was introduced to me through a mutual friend. Apparently they had talked about ways for Alex to make some extra money when my name came up.

Alex is stocky, furry 22 y/o and, in case the tat on his chest didn’t clue you in, is in the US Marine Corps. He described himself as str8, but our mutual friend seemed to think there was some wiggle room in his sexuality.

When he took his clothes off, I wasn’t sure what to expect in the dick size department. He’s not hurting in the least; nice and thick with big balls.

Once he got going, Alex seemed to be really turned on by the camera. I took a risk and reached up to give his balls a rub, then moved up to rub his shaft. Alex didn’t flinch at all, and responded by slowly fucking my hand.

I sat him back down and went for the finish line. It took a few minutes to get him over the edge, but when we got there ropes of cum landed on his stomach and pubes.