Chubs&Cubs : Brutus

Brutus is a relative new-comer, but itching to make some waves in the adult arena. He’s hit the ground running in social media, and is starting to get his feet wet on the pro-am porn sites, this being his 2nd shoot in front of the “non-homemade” cameras.

He’s a self-described natural sub, into puppy play, dad-son scenarios, and all sorts of kinky stuff. Top of his list? Getting tied up and edged.

Brutus couldn’t wait to get out of his clothes, and once he did the show started right up: tweaking his nipples seemed to get his uncut cock at full attention.

Showing off his ass was just what he needed to get him at full throttle. Brutus shoved a finger up his hole, then reached up to give his nipples another tweak right before unloading onto his belly.