Chubs&Cubs : Dale

I met 23 y/o Dale at Lazy Bear Weekend just a week ago. Right away I spotted him (and his boyfriend) and handed him a card and asked him if he’d ever thought about doing porn. Turned out that it was a long-time aspiration of his. Luckily, I had my cameras ready to go, and so was Dale.

Since he was coupled up, I asked what his boyfriend thought about him doing porn.

“Oh, he thinks it’s hot,” Dale replied with a devilish grin. “Now he’s dating a porn star.”

Dale is a kinky pup, and recently found out that he likes getting fisted. With an ass like his, I’m sure the top would be squirming in pleasure right along with him.

Lazy Bear is one of those events where it’s hard to ask a guy to save up for a porn shoot. For Dale, though, it didn’t seem to matter much. Even though he’d busted a nut the previous afternoon, the amount of cum that shot out of his cock was amazing, covering his whole chest with a spray of jizz.