Chubs&Cubs : Dean

0 y/o Dean comes from a dinky little town in the south and found his way out to San Diego by way of… you guessed it: US Marine Corps.

So far, he’s the only guy who’s ever done a shoot and really needed to keep his glasses on. On first glance, they’re pretty bookish/nerdy. But then I noticed that the frames were from a very popular brand that starts with the letter O.

So… “nerdy cool?”

He actually heard about the chance to make some cash jerkin’ off a few months ago and it took him w while to step up to the plate. But it all happened within a couple hours. An email one morning turned into a shoot just a few hours later.

I’m pretty sure it was nerves that made him think about doing the shoot for so long. And I’m almost certain that he woke up super horny the morning he made the decision to go for it: Dean’s dick was hard the moment his pants came off and already leaking a bunch of pre-cum. Watch carefully and you’ll see another big drip when his dick gets measured. Makes ya wonder…

Since he had saved up a few days it’s one helluva nice cumshot, too.

Oh yeah, and I’m sure you’re wondering… that odd bandage on his side is from a spider bite he got while camping earlier in the week. Str8 guys. Gawd love ’em.