Chubs&Cubs : Fizzle

Fizzle got in touch a few weeks after the shoot he did with his Marine buddy, Goose, asking about doing another one. The rush of getting naked on camera had him itching to do it again.

To my surprise, though, when he showed up he’d brought his girlfriend with him who wanted to just sit on the sidelines and watch the show. It made for some interesting dialogue as the cameras got fired up.

There was some initial awkwardness, but one thing that became obvious was that Fizzle is a total exhibitionist and loved having eyes and cameras pointed at him while he was jerking off. The more, the merrier!

Even after blasting a sticky load onto his furry tummy, he headed to the shower and kept the show going. Fizzle, as you’ll hear, is not a guy who likes to wear clothes. And thank god for that.