Chubs&Cubs : Joey

I’d been trying to get Joey in front of my camera for a couple years. It took a while, not because he was shy about getting naked, but he’d gotten married (and since divorced) in between the time we first met.

Joey is 22 y/o and dating a girl now who thought it was super hot that he was doing porn. She even wanted stay and watch and was encouraging him to do some guy-on-guy scenes! My kind of girl.

He’s not much of a talker, but had a few interesting stories that I pried out of him about jerking off with his best friend on webcam. He described himself as a bit of an exhibitionist, too, liking the idea showing off his furry bod.

My favorite thing about Joey? His ass. Nice n’ thick! Although the rest of the package was pushing my buttons, too.

Joey showed up having fucked his GF earlier in the day. Usually not a good idea before a porn shoot. It didn’t seem to matter much, though. Joey splattered his pubes and stomach with thick gobs of cum.