Chubs&Cubs : Lance

I met Lance at one of the local malls. He’s a cute, baby-faced and pocket-sized stocky guy, standing at about 5′ 5″. When I walked up and gave him a business card, he looked right up and told me that he’d been wanting to do porn for about a year-and-a-half. I was glad I’d asked.

Lance said he came out to San Diego from the Midwest, “Just to see the views,” but his tattoos and haircut kinda gave away what really brought this small town boy to the city. We’ll just say it was “work related.”

Lance had also started exploring his guy/guy curiosity lately and in the process found the magic button in anal stimulation. He said (off camera) that he’d bottomed a couple times, and it seemed (on camera) that he liked to stick a finger up there when he’s jacking off, too. At least that was my guess from the explosive cumshot he delivered while finger-fucking himself!