Chubs&Cubs : Massaging Corey

After his first shoot, I’d told to Corey that he could come back for a happy-ending massage. It didn’t take a whole lot of convincing. As I mentioned earlier, I think Corey is a little curious; if nothing else, he’s open-minded.

Corey had never gotten a massage before, happy-ending or “regular”. And except for the hand-job he got last time, hadn’t done anything with a guy either, so we were popping a few cherries for this shoot.

It was impressive to hear that Corey had not only saved up for a few days, but had “blue-balled” the night before with his girlfriend. So, he was extra horny when he showed up. We actually had to stop at one point because he was going to bust too soon; Corey warned me just barely in time for a trickle of cum to leak out of his cock.

When the real cumshot came, it was explosive. Stream after stream rocketed out, landing all the way up to his shoulder. And if once wasn’t enough (which obviously it wasn’t), Corey took about a 2 minute break and shot another massive load! I’d say he liked his first massage.