Chubs&Cubs : Myles

Myles got in touch a few weeks ago after he decided to give his first shot at porn. It’s something he’d thought about for a good 10 years or more, but finally decided to make the leap.

He’s 25 y/o and a big, barrel-chested guy, standing at 6′ and a thick 250 lbs. Even in high school he was a big guy, playing on the football team as a defensive lineman.

Myles didn’t tell any of his friends he was going to do the shoot, but said they probably wouldn’t be too surprised about it. He goes to the local nude beach and the swinger’s club where all the guys have to get naked, so I joked that he’s obviously not too shy about taking his clothes off.

“Nah,” he laughed, “nudity feels good.”

The lights and cameras pointed at him might have been a bit much for Myles at first, but he found his groove, stroking his uncut cock to some porn playing in the background. He even started getting into a little dirty talk for a minute.

He lay back on the couch and worked himself up to a creamy finish, panting as he pushed himself over the edge. Pulses of cum erupted from his cock and ran down to his pubes.