Chubs&Cubs : Shawn

I’d booked Shawn’s best friend, Trevor, for a shoot and Shawn thought he’d come along for the ride. When they both showed up and we all got to talking, Shawn decided right then to go ahead and do a jerk-off video, too. Even while his buddy was sitting just off screen during the shoot.

Some of Shawn’s buddies have nicknamed him “Bulldog.” He kind of has that look, I guess. He and Trevor were training for a body-building competition when I met them, and were in their bulking up stage.

Shawn just turned 21, but already had a few stories under his belt about his sexual exploits. Most of them seemed to involve him and his buddies tag-teaming girls. Including one time with Trevor. They certainly didn’t seem to have any problems jacking off in front of each other, or taking a few snapshots flexing together in the buff.