Chubs&Cubs : Tyler & Nate

Tyler had gotten in touch a while after his previous shoot to see if there was another one he could do. He’d mentioned that he might want to try getting a bj from a guy, and Nate seemed like just the guy to do it. After seeing a couple pics of Tyler, Nate was totally on board for it.

Tyler was tentative at first when Nate pulled down his jeans, but before long Tyler’s cock was rising to the occasion. Nate smiled broadly and took it down his throat.

After a few minutes, Tyler started getting into it. He grabbed Nate’s head and started pummeling his mouth, to the point where Nate gagged on Tyler’s thick dick. Nate looked up with a look of pure satisfaction on his face.

Tyler ended up straddling Nate’s face and throat fucking him. Before long, Tyler pulled his cock out of Nate’s mouth and blasted a load all over his face.