Chubs&Cubs : Xander’s massage

It’d been a while since I’d heard from Xander after his solo-turned-handjob shoot. I had asked him about coming back for a happy ending massage and, apparently, work and a new girlfriend had kept him busy. At long last, though, he made it back!

Xander’s only other time getting a happy ending was one he paid for at a parlor near the military base he was stationed at. When I asked how it was he shrugged it off, giving the impression that it wasn’t too great. That time, of course, was with a woman and he paid for it. This time was obviously going to be different, with a guy giving the rub-down, and he was getting paid for it.

It didn’t seem to phase him much. In fact, as soon as my hands made their way down his back and were directed at his ass, Xander’s cock was throbbing between his legs.

Flipped over to give the front side some attention, I stepped things up a notch and wrapped my lips around Xander’s cock. I wasn’t sure how he would react to that, but when I saw his ballsack tightening up, things looked like they were good to go.

After a few minutes of teasing Xander’s cock, going back and forth between stroking and sucking him, he suddenly whispered that he was about to cum. The thick jizz that pulsed out of his dick was impressive, running down the side of my hand and onto Xander’s pubes. I couldn’t resist finding out, but it tasted good, too!