Flip Flop Fuck

For a while now I’ve been wanting to get a couple of hot, college studs to show off their versatility for my cameras and do some good old-fashioned “flip flop” fucking. When I talked to Brian and Tony about the idea, they could hardly wait to get each others’ clothes off…

That was, of course, until Tony saw the size of Brian’s massive cock and quickly became a little leary of taking it up his tight ass! But after trading some mouth-watering blowjobs, it wasn’t long before Brian was ramming every last inch of his super thick dick in and out of Tony’s hole!

But as soon as the tables were turned and the roles reversed, Tony showed no mercy as he gave Brian a well deserved “pay-back” ass pounding with his extra hard tool! Trust me when I say this one is HOT! You can’t miss it!