HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS [Chapter 3] On The Line

With each new visit back home, Chase and his dad, Mr. Weston, continue to grow their bond far beyond that of the “average” father and son. They would consider their relationship something higher than that; they seem unable to keep their hands off each other, even as they share quieter moments of affection while cuddling on the couch. Any time together seems to veer from sensual and romantic to erotic and animalistic easily.

As Chase lies with his head in his father’s lap, Mr. Weston leans in to kiss his boy. His hands roam. Chase shivers all-too-familiar-chills as his dad’s hand makes contact with the skin under his shirt. Mr. Weston notices the boy’s excitement. No use in pretending now; Chase removes his sweatpants.

Chase asks Mr. Weston if he can see just how excited his dad is, to which his father happily agrees. Mr. Weston stands up and drops his pajama pants, letting his cock spring free. The boy gets off the couch and onto his knees in front of the rod. It points straight at the eager boy’s face. Chase takes his dad’s meat into his mouth and begins to bob back and forth just as Mr. Weston’s phone begins to buzz.

Mr. Weston answers it; it’s his wife asking how her husband and son are doing. The man tells his wife they’re just having a “lazy afternoon.” His cock throbs in his boy’s mouth as he speaks. He looks down at his son as his cock appears and reappears in the boy’s mouth. Eventually, he’s free of the intrusive call; Chase pauses to ask if that was his mom on the phone, to which Mr. Weston nonchalantly confirms. He assures his son that they have plenty of time before she’s home.

Mr. Weston kneels to return the oral favor on his son’s cock. Chase’s head spins; he still can’t quite get over the amazing sight of his dad’s mouth on his cock. While his dad’s own cock is just as rock-hard, no less! Mr. Weston, too, can’t quite get over the fact that his sexy son is naked, hard, and inside his mouth.

The man lets his lust take over and has Chase lie on his back on the couch. He gives Chase’s beautiful hole a quick lick before aiming his cock at it. He slides into his son’s hungry opening and begins to pump in and out. Another amazing sight to behold for both father and son. Mr. Weston has Chase get on all fours on the couch to pound him from that position. He leans over and slides his tongue into his boy’s mouth as he pumps his hips.

Knowing that they should probably wrap things up, Mr. Weston turns Chase over and slides in. He watches his boy stroke his cock—a cock he helped bring into the world—as he pumps his own in and out. Both father and son feel their balls tighten as they reach the hilt of orgasm. Mr. Weston pulls his dick out of his boy’s hole to join him in stroking. Nature takes over; he moans loudly as he shoots his load all over Chase’s cock and balls. He slides back into Chase’s hole to squeeze out the last few drops. Chase erupts all over himself, happy to have gotten his dad off yet again. Truly, their bond is unlike any other.