Islandstuds : Doug

“Girls LOVE MY BUTT!” red-headed Doug says with a BIG smile when I comment on his chunky, beefy WHITE muscle ass exposed naked in the garden at the start of our shoot. This stocky 25 year old former High School wrestler weights 175 pounds of solid ALL AMERICAN BEEF! Catch out the thick wrestler thighs, muscular chest, and sexy bubble butt on this friendly athlete from New Mexico! Doug is a real European mix: part Czech, part German and part French, with super fine red dick hair that matches the hair on his ass and head. What a sexy red head! Since arriving in Hawaii Doug is employed as a construction worker and spends his nights in the gym working on his fine thick body. Yes, you can see sexy Doug working road-side in the tropical sun! This is Doug’s FIRST TIME posing naked for photos and he is excited about it! When he strips out of his street clothes we see Doug is wearing a fine pair of tight sexy underwear. There is something so sexy about seeing a HOT straight man is his real life underwear, but the real prize come when he takes the underwear off! Doug is a TRUE RED HEAD! Like Scotty and Rusty, Doug has a furry ‘fire crotch’ that matches his body hair and his lightly freckled face and skin. What a yummy man! Once he is naked I ask beefy Doug to mow the lawn fully NUDE wearing only his flip flops. Watch as he pushes the masculine machine around the yard with his thigh cock and heavy balls flopping in the HOT HAWAIIAN SUN! Doug’s beefy body gets covered in sweat as he works as our Naked Gardener. Like Eric, Brady, Mason, Kawelo, and Skylar, Doug enjoys running the lawn mower naked. “It’s erotic,” he says with a smile when he finishes his job, with sweat and grass clippings all over his red body hair! Like Stan and Brock, Doug has one of the best beefy muscular backsides we have seen on Island Studs! The camera captures his naked body from every angle as he works naked for us! After all this hard work Doug hoses off outside with the garden hose like Kody and Hank. Wrestler Doug sits down to enjoy his sexy muscle body and stoke his BIG RED DICK! Watch how quickly Doug’s beautiful cock becomes fully HARD as he plays with it and his big BALLS. With his big Country Boy smile, Doug is happy to show off his LONG DONG and beefy white athletic thighs for the camera! Watch Big Red cum! Doug shoots huge amounts of thick juicy goo all over his hands and furry red crotch. His thick throbbing cock and nut sack are covered in his own cum! Yummy! Feast your eyes on Doug’s SECOND shower scene as he cleans off all the sticky jizz from his soapy hard cock! Doug is one of the hottest red heads on Island Studs! We are pleased this beefy High School wrestler continues to work construction on our Islands! Enjoy Big Beefy Doug!