Islandstuds : Frankie

Originally for Southern California, Frankie loves living in Hawaii! Like Tony, our other Italian American, Frankie loves the island women, the island sun and the island surf, and he even has taken up playing the ukulele. I turn on the cameras as Frankie begins to sing a song he wrote about his long dong! He sings this original dirty ditty about his cock twice, once clothed and once fully naked wearing only a neck tie. He then sings two covers of very popular contemporary songs also naked, standing before the cameras in just his goofy neck tie! When I return after leaving him alone for a moment in the studio, I catch Frankie holding his dick just inches from the video camera playfully, forcing his dick to “talk” to the camera. This is one funny & goofy guy! Like our other blue collar boy Charlie, Frankie just loves showing off for the camera and is playful and goofy throughout this film. In a very funny moment, he beats his hard dick and big ball sack against the base of the ukulele. Is this instrument abuse or organ abuse? Either way, it obviously turns him on and his fat dick swells in size as he pounds it against the wooden frame of the ukulele. As our Naked Worker I give Frankie some chores, harvesting a fresh rack of bananas. He really enjoys climbing the ladder naked and even playfully poses at the summit and opens his hairy ass crack for the camera. Once finished with his chores he sits in the sun naked and covered in sweat from the tropical heat. It is here that Frankie really gets raunchy as he starts to jerk his cock. Watch as he lights up a cigarette and blows smoke toward the camera while his well lubricated hand slides up and down his Italian sausage! Still smoking, this dirty boy rolls over and opens his ass WIDE so we can clearly see his man hole well lit by the hot afternoon sun. Like Koa and Glenn, this sexy straight man is comfortable spontaneously showing us his hairy hole! Excited by all the camera attention, Frankie squirts a heavy load all over himself! This is Dirty Frankie at his best! Frankie will not be forgotten as one of our most naughty and crude Island Studs yet!