Islandstuds : Glenn 2

Glenn, the cocky surfer from the Jersey Shore with the big Puerto Rican dick is back! Still outspoken and demanding, Glenn has found himself a “sugar mama” on the Islands who is feeding him in exchange for his monster cock and growing muscles! What a lucky Mama! Now thick and powerfully built, Glenn looks much better than his first shoot when he was living in the youth hostel with his surf buddy, Lil’ Lance. I ask Glenn to strip down and get to work weed whacking and tending the plants in the garden. Included here is an extended, mostly unedited sequence of Glenn working alone as the Naked Gardener. Watch as he naturally works in the sun mowing the grassy lawn and picking up fallen palm leaves. We get a great view of the loose nut sack between his muscle ass as he bends over to pull weeds and tidy up the yard. Look at his strong biceps and new big thighs! Glenn has become a real man over the past months! We then move inside, and I ask Glenn to replace a few burnt out light bulbs and clean the lamp fixtures while still nude. It is here that he finally begins to enjoy his naked handyman work. He even jokes while he works balls out that he should advertise himself as a naked housecleaner in the local newspaper. Wouldn’t you hire Glenn and his swinging dick to clean your home… in the buff?! Twice he breaks from his job to pee in the garden – both pisses captured here on film! Glenn really starts to shine when he plays with his big Latin horse cock! He really enjoys smacking his rock hard dick into his open hand, showing us just how big and rigid his solid cock can get! Wow! What a dick! He is not shy about spitting on his dick to keep it lubricated. Look as he busts a HUGE creamy nut into his open palm – catching every drop and showing it to the camera! The best bit of footage is hearing Glenn tell the tale of how he got a bruise on his inner thigh. He proudly explains that just a few days before this shoot he was ‘banging pussy on the beach’ outdoors in the sun and became distracted while fucking! A real fucking battle scar! Glenn remains our favorite foul-mouthed Island Stud who we will always enjoy watching work outdoors in the sun naked.