Islandstuds : Glenn

Glenn, a surfer from the Jersey Shore is blessed by his Puerto Rican father with a big Latino cock! Glenn, however, is one cocky Guido! Bold and outspoken he tries to antagonize me throughout the shoot. Shamelessly he boldly squats, opening his ass crack to us while his bouncing cock and balls dangle between his hairy legs. “Try to fuck me if you can!” are his unspoken words. Glenn is NOT going to give up his fine ass that easily! Despite his arrogance he has a dark handsome Latin face and a massive member. I think Glenn may possess the biggest dick on Island Studs so far! One of the best bits of video is when Glenn’s friend ‘Little’ Lance arrives on his bike bringing us our afternoon lunch. Their spontaneous interaction is unscripted as Lil’ Lance unexpectedly arrives while Glenn is naked from his outdoor shower. Glenn is a good talent scout for us at Island Studs and one with a big beautiful cocky cock!