Islandstuds : Hank

Hank is a real Colorado gardener who left the cold winters of his native state to become a landscaper in paradise. He has replaced riding horses with running on the beach and swimming every day. He explained that he has no problem being naked, because as a young boy he would visit his aunt at the nudist (FKK) resort where she lived. He has enjoyed being naked outdoors since he was a school student. This 27 year old muscle stud is a joy to be around. In the video you will hear how excited he becomes when talking about a special surf break he wants to visit someday in California. He loves his job on the Island trimming trees and is happy to do some palm tree cleaning in the raw for my cameras. You will be pleased with Hank’s great butt as he bends over to clear coconuts. And yes, I caught him jerking it in his Jeep when I left for a minute to fetch a new lens! Good Boy, Hank! After a sweating in his ride, Hank showers off with the garden hose. I also needed to get wet, so I stripped down and asked Hank to turn the water on me. Look at the smile on this Island Stud’s face as he hoses down his photographer. There are so many great photos and video footage of Hank and his beautiful hose that I decided to show it all over two weeks. Here is the first half of this sexy hunk loose on the Islands.