Islandstuds : Huck

Huck is a white boy from the mid-west who came to the Islands for school. He is vice-president of his Fraternity and told me that his college brothers are known for dropping their pants at school. “We LOVE to jerk off and drink beer”, Huck states boldly. Like most broke straight college men, he loved the idea of busting a nut for cash! Watch as his fat stick gets more red and more swollen as the photo shoot progresses. In the video his dick remains rock hard once we move outdoors into the sun. “Can I go now?”, he begs me, wanting to bust a nut when I return to the studio where I left him alone with the camera running. His facial expressions while he masturbates with both hands are priceless. Huck is caught on camera while I am away, pissing in the swimming pool water he stands in – bad Frat boy! This cute shaggy haired amateur loves to to stroke his meat; however, once he cums, you can see his discomfort as I continue to snap photos of his messy cream covered belly. I am pleased this Island Stud has returned for another semester of Island Sex Education.