Islandstuds : Kalei

Kalei (English translation: ‘The Beloved’) is a very cute tattooed native Hawaiian boy living in Hilo, Hawaii. Shane brought him over to see if I would be interested in shooting him. Shane & Kalei were high school buddies and still surf together today. The video of this short 5’5″, 20 year old local boy was shot that very day while Shane sat in the sun on the front lani waiting so they could go surfing. Everything about Kalei is authentic and seductive: his shaggy hair, his local speak (you can hear his Hawaiian dialect when he talks), his smile, and his comfort while naked in front of my cameras for the very first time. If you like authentic Hawaiian boys you will LOVE Kalei. He has a unique Island personality and a great natural body. This avid surfer is actually a Hapa mix of Swedish, Hawaiian, French & Irish! What a GREAT mix of genes! Check out his round Swedish face and dirty blonde hair! During the shoot he reveals that he is a total waterman: enjoying all types of surfing, paddle boarding and diving, and he loves fishing, farming, and hunting for pigs on the Big Island. There is a great moment that I capture on film while Kalei is naked – standing before me, he tells us how he actually kills the pig once the dogs have trapped the animal. This is REAL unedited NAKED Island life at its best! Feast your eyes on his scruffy lean body as he works nude pulling weeds and removing vines from the garden. It is rare to see a native Hawaiian boy working naked and having such a good time being appreciated by a camera. I have included a lengthy sequence in which I leave Kalei all alone to make his dick big and hard. In this scene he reveals the many creative ways he is able to jerk his beautiful long, Hawaiian cock: Check out his two finger jerk and all finger technique! These private moments are just priceless, and you won’t find them anywhere else! Then when he is fully erect he removes this hands from his throbbing cock – inserts both hands into his mouth and blows a LOUD whistle, signaling me to return to the room! This boy is so sexy! Like Dan and Jared, Kalei has a huge low hanging nut sack which you can see dangling between his legs from behind his ass checks! And like Joshua, he plays with his nuts and the big bouncing balls as he jerks off! Lots of nut play here, and what a beautiful dick this guy has! He occasionally spits on his long, straight and rock hard cock! He seems to enjoying showing off his big beautiful Hawaiian dick to the camera. Listen to this Hot Hawaiian Stud moan when he finally cums! Kalei is truly one of our best Hawaiian Island Studs yet!