Islandstuds : The King Brothers

I have never met brothers like Devon or Darius King. Which of these black beauties is your favorite? They are both so HOT, but in very different ways. Devon, the younger brother, has light skin and the freckles on his youthful face make him a cute boy with a big muscle man’s body! I had planned to shoot only Darius, the older brother with the darker brown skin. When his car pulled up to my studio I realized he was not driving, but was being driving by Devon, whom I had ever met until now. As we talked I asked Devon if he would be interested in modeling too. “I don’t know man,” he said shyly looking down at the ground. Darius immediately exclaimed without hesitation, “Yes, you WILL work, you owe me money brother!” There was no way little Devon could say no to paying back his bigger older brother. What a treat for us! Proudly born and raised in California, both brothers are outgoing, friendly & polite – a sharp contrast to the urban tattoos on their strong athletic bodies. They are real buddies as well as real brothers, and they moved to Oahu recently together in search of adventure, sun, and women! It seems they came to the right place! They take care of each other and look after one another as is evident throughout this film. Both studs have winning smiles, and rockin’ muscle bodies. They are even workout partners at the same gym in Honolulu! There was so much good footage and photos of these two sexy siblings, if was very difficult to edit out anything. Watching them interact in this film is priceless. I put them to work together naked, scrubbing and rinsing rubber mats outside. Watch how their big black dangling dicks and nut sacks swing as they bend over working! Listening to them as they work you will realize that they are also good friends. On camera they even piss twice, side by side! During their second pee, they face each other and have a playful ‘sword fight’ with their streams of piss spraying towards each other! But the best part of this film is watching them jerk off together for the very first time. The brothers have been roommates for years, often sleeping and showering in the same room, but have never jerked off + cum together until today. So here for the very first time are the sexy King Brothers, Devon & Darius jerking their big beautiful black dicks together! And yes, when I paid them at the end of the shoot, young Devon handed all his cash to Darius with a smile. It seems his debt is now paid off! These real life brothers are now bona fide island Studs who jerk together… more to cum!