Islandstuds: Kyle

Beautiful bulky Kyle is a 20 year old bouncer at a popular bar in Honolulu. I’ve noticed him for months, but I finally asked him to model for me when he grew a full adult moustache. This soft spoken shy guy has the most handsome baby face, and with a manly moustache he became a really sexy Man / Boy! Born and raised on Oahu by alternative Welsh parents, Kyle became a Buddhist when he was in high school. Kyle recently returned home after serving in the Navy in San Diego. My dialogue with him is very Military: exact, direct, curt, dry, and unedited. Listen to our conversations as I ask him to work replanting flower pots balls out naked! Kyle claims that he has never planted anything in his entire life, “I live in an apartment with no plants”, he states plainly. There is something very erotic about watching a very young ex-Navy boy become so uncomfortable and nervous while working naked in front of my cameras. “Ok”, Kyle states with dismay, “this is the weirdest thing I have EVER done.” He loosens up a bit when I direct him to the broom to sweep up the soil he spilled. Still fully nude, he states proudly, “I am the Jedi of Mops and Sweeping. The Navy teaches you to clean things that are already clean.” Like Layne, Kyle has an all-natural smooth surfer body, a broad back and hard round ass from hours of paddling out to meet the waves on his body board. But like Stella, he is a Daddy Bear’s dream: thick, heavy set and hairless, with a beautiful chunky ass . Nervously Kyle masturbates. Watch as he gently massages his tight nut sack with his fingertips and jerks his rock hard cock! This sexy boy / cub enjoys being naked for the boss! Click now for the scene where Klye’s fat dick drips the last drops of thick cum after his load has sprayed on the ground. We catch it on film from two different cameras and from two very different angles! We are so pleased Kyle that is back on our Island enjoying his sponge board and his hard woody! Right after he cums Kyle announces that he is heading right to the beach to go surfing and that he is going to buy a new wetsuit with his modeling fee. We are happy this quiet Island Stud has returned to the Islands to work on his tan!