Islandstuds : Malu

Malu is an authentic fighter from the streets of Honolulu. The ‘Bad Boy’ tattoo inked across his belly is no joke, this is one angry young Hawaiian man! His legs and arms are scarred from the scraps he encounters. Only 18 years old, he also takes his fights into the ring for money. Standing 6’4″ this handsome brooding guy towers over most of his opponents. Malu agreed to be photographed but he is clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable throughout the shoot. However, he is visibly excited when attempts to hide his hard dick which springs out of his shorts when he first strips down for us. His beautiful 9 inch uncut cock is a fighter just like Malu – it never goes down or gets tired during the shoot! He is rock hard the entire time, even after he shoots a massive load! Malu walks around and is still stiff at the end of his long hot shower. We see Malu smoke a cigarette midway through the shoot, with his gigantic rod throbbing erect as he puffs on the tobacco. Take a good ‘hard’ look at Malu now… you would not want to be left alone in a cage with this bad boy, and a cage is his favorite place to fight!