Islandstuds : Matt

Matt is a 21 year old Texan who recently arrived on the Islands looking for work. After high school, he started working on an oil rig in a “dusty part of Texas doing real dirty work”. His southern accent is so cute as he explains how he got the tattoo on his ass cheek while drunk on his 18th birthday with his buddies watching. You will also hear him proclaim: “no drug, no nothing is better than sex.” There are many private moments like this throughout the film. My favorite is watching Matt masturbate while I am out of the kitchen. He strokes his big hooked dick differently when I am in the room with him, but it is more intimate and very sexy when he is all alone. Matt has no problem getting hard and keeping a throbbing woody as he moves around the house during the photo shoot. This amateur Island Stud scrubs a cooking pot and loads the dish washer and shows us his beefy butt and nut sack in our Naked Worker series!