Islandstuds : Rocky


It is not often I meet a scruffy, stocky, Irish man with big low hangers and a thick beer can dick on the Islands. This soft spoken 24 year old is reserved about revealing any personal information about himself, but is also completely comfortable and relaxed, naked in front of anyone. At one point in the video some visitors arrive as Rocky is standing naked by a tree and he does not seem to care at all. Rocky proudly sports a tattoo on his thick football thigh of a smiling leprechaun holding a sign which boldly asks, “What’s Up?” What’s up is Rocky’s Rock of a dick! This quiet amateur also wears two piercings in his penis which he adjusts occasionally while he jerks his rock hard stick. After the shoot is over, this Island Stud was delighted to lay out pool side, butt naked beside me in the warm tropical sun. I felt blessed to have met this Irish Stud!