Islandstuds : Scotty

When I first met Scott on the beach I though he was a good looking blond haired surfer; when he dropped his blue jeans during our shoot he revealed that he is actually a sexy redhead with a thick cock and a big nut sack. Shame on him for denying his red roots! This Irish American confesses that his big dick has “a mind of it’s own” and that he has a fetish for Asians! Scotty is a hottie and a straight up exhibitionist. “Where are you going?” he asks on camera while stroking himself as I attempt to leave. I do love leaving our studs alone with the camera running so we catch natural erotic moments, but he doesn’t want me to go! While I’m gone Scott starts inspecting his equipment as if there is something wrong. He announces that his dick and balls are “sunburned” since they are so RED! I laugh and remind him that he is a true red head with a red dick and sack! A “fire-crotch” he calls it! Scott is at home fondling his fine cock while seated on his skateboard during the shoot. Scotty the Hottie is an Island Stud we hope stays on the Islands!