Islandstuds : Stone

Stone, a Beefy All-American “I don’t give a fuck”, Heavy Metal Singer in a Band from Southern California, is unafraid to model nude for the first time, showing us his skill in shaving his own head, completely bald while standing naked in front of a full body mirror, shows off his tan lines and bright white man butt while stacking cinder blocks with his big balls dangling between his massive man butt, grabs is big butt 2 times with his big hands and spreads his ass cheeks wide open to show us his gaping man hole, sits down for a long stroke session outdoors, manhandling his veiny dick, bust a big load between his bare feet, before taking a sexy indoor shower in this EXCLUSIVE new video from Island Studs! Stone arrives for the shoot wearing black and baggy street clothes and shoes, offering us the Classic Urban Primitive Tatooed Hardcore Guitar Play he is. In all my years of living on the Islands, I have never met anyone quite like Stone. At 27 he is actually visiting his brother in Hawaii and decided to stay a while – picking up odd jobs in construction. He has the gruff cigarette smoker’s voice, bold ink, and shaved head of a serious Metal Rocker. This cocky, self assured, and does not give a damn what anyone thinks. We get to watch him smoking while jerking, taking 2 powerful pisses, buzzing & shaving his head bald, and spreading his thick white ass wide open for the camera, revealing his open manhole. An avid lover of all music, he has the words “Live” & “Music” tattooed down his left and right arms respectively. In the video, I ask him what the Latin script around his neck states. He replies without any further explanation: “Serve Your Master”! Stone is one very sexy man with a nice big dick and a big beautiful straight guy butt, that has never seen the sun until today. His tan lines rock! He recently told me that he would be returning to the Mainland if he doesn’t start to get laid more by local Island girls. What a bummer. Image being the lucky person to: Serve Master Stone! If you like rugged, no nonsense, str8 up, straight men, Stone will excite you!