Islandstuds : Trip

I first saw Trip in a secret place on the Islands were kids get naked and go skinny-dipping. His skin was so white and untouched by the sun I concluded he was a from some snowy mid-western part of America. This beautiful Missouri man was raised by religious folks and decided to leave his hometown, let his hair grow into dreads, and backpack around the Islands. Trip is a true hippie boy: laid back, lives outdoors and loves being naked – “Right on!” I shot these photos of Trip the day after I met him skinny-dipping. Check out how sun burnt he got from that one afternoon naked in the Island sun. Trip’s bright face exudes the free spirit and unattachment of the real hippy culture still alive today. My favorite part of the video is when I show Trip some DVD porn and ask him to get erect. His comments and commentary on the video are priceless! I am so pleased this Island Stud is tripping around the Island.