I can’t get enough of young Michael. He’s the best player I’ve coached in many years and he’s recently become one of my best ever lovers! He’s the full package; he’s got a great body and an amazing dick, he’s constantly horny and to cap it all off, he’s not afraid to experiment. He’s always up for new experiences and the look on his face when he’s cumming is close to addictive.

When I started to suspect he’d been with one of the other coaches, I felt a pang of jealousy. This emotion took me by surprise; it instantly made me want to have sex with him on a more regular basis, just so he didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere. This boy is way too special to lose.

I invited him back to my office this afternoon after the training session and canceled a dinner which had been in my plans for weeks. I felt a bit—only a bit—guilty about ditching my friend at the last minute, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do!

Within seconds, Michael and I were kissing. He was on top of me on the couch, thrusting his big fat dick against my groin. He wrapped his long, snake-like legs around my body and got me all kinds of up for it!

I soon had his dick in my mouth. It’s the damned tastiest dick I’ve ever wrapped my lips around and the boy knows exactly how to get it sliding deep down into my throat. He also gives pretty good head himself. If he weren’t such a brilliant top, I’d be up for swapping roles with him.

He can be quite domineering when he wants to be. Lemme tell you, when you do a job which involves calling the shots every day of your life, it can be quite hot to be told what to do for a change—especially by someone so young. He likes me to stick my ass out while he gives my hole a good going over with his dirty little tongue. He wants me to be nice and wet so he can slide himself into me with the least resistance.

He was so hopped-up to get it on with me this afternoon that he shoved it in without warning. I had to get him to stop for a moment to catch my breath! I squatted over the couch and allowed him to pummel me with the speed and force his body was calling for.

I got onto my back and Michael continued thrusting like a jackhammer, plainly desperate to nut in his coach. It’s hard to explain quite how good he feels inside me. He fucks relentlessly and ruthlessly, often simply gritting his teeth, rolling his eyes to heaven and doing whatever he needs to do to gain maximum pleasure for himself.

He came deep inside me, squirting a hefty load right into my guts. I think I can still feel it inside me, even now…