My Straight Buddy : Marshall

Mrashall is a hot little dude I met in a bar recently. We ended up going back to my pad with him and some of his buddies, plus a hot girl I know. And yes, we ended up playing beer pong again, because that’s what we do. The twist is this time Marshall was all horned up and couldn’t resist playing with himself, and ended up jerking off right there in my kitchen while watching the girl put on a strip show just for us. See, this is why I try to keep my camera charged at all times, you never know what’s gonna happen! Apologies for the soundtrack on this one, the tunes are awesome but we had them cranked a little high because we were all having a really good time. this is a flat out little impromptu party, and we were enjoying ourselves, what can I say! BTW…Marshall’s buddies were in the room the whole time he was rubbing one out 😉