My Straight Buddy : Nekkid Rednecks Jerking Off

Alright, so it’s really only two naked rednecks, plus Scottie who was my buddy back in the day when he was a USMC MP, and Nick who is a force of nature. After coming home from a bar, getting into a game of naked beer pong, and sitting in a hot tub for a minute, the guys were horny as hell. Scottie, who came out shortly before he got out, I think was more eager to find himself on a couch with 3 (well 2.5) hot straight guys. His porn was the live version of what is about to be your porn. Nick is just Nick. He’s one of those awesome people that just wants to have a good time, and doesn’t care very much about the rules. I apologize, this video is kindof rough, because by this point of the night I had had plenty to drink. Marines can’t resist jerking off to some porn though, and when they do, I can’t resist taping them.