My Straight Buddy : Scott Jerks Off

The same night as the last video, after Nick had gone off to bang some chick, Scott and Al were hanging back to chill out. Al was Scott’s actual roommate in the barracks, although he didn’t see much of him because Scott was always at my place.

That’s why when the porno I put in

(Desperate Housewhores Vol 3, no marine can resist it) started to get Scott a little hot and bothered his roommate had to leave and I got to stay and watch my buddy rub one out.

You gotta see this hot young marine bust his load at the end, it’s intense!

Then he goes out to say hey and show his cock to Al who’s been waiting for him playing my incredibly out-of-tune guitar that I got with the money I made in Bosnia back in the day.

That night he was going back to the barracks with Al instead of hanging at my place, so he got in the shower first and washed all the cum off. I would have licked it off but Scott’s a little too straight for that.