My Straight Buddy : Stoner Scott

Scott is something a rarity here on MSB, in that he is NOT in the military. He’s a local friend of some buddies of mine I knew back when they were in the Marines. Unlike almost every other devil dawg you will ever meet out here, they dug it and stayed when their enlistments came up. Scott is there next door neighbor, stoner friend, and occasional drinking buddy.

Now that he knows me, Scott loves to come over and kick it at my place, because he is a straight up nudist and of course clothes are always optional (and indeed actively discouraged) at my house. He can come over after automotive class, shed his clothes and smoke a bowl over here and I don’t freak out like his roomates would. I didn’t figure it would be too hard to get him on camera.

Scott was over at my place after class, and wanted to get in the shower because they had been taking engines apart and he had grease all over him. You know me I didn’t have a problem with that, and sure ’nuff when I surprised him in the shower with the camera he wasn’t really that surprised.

Later after he was all cleaned up I popped in my magic porn DVD–Desperate Housewhores 3, and dude I show it to starts beating off–and Scott was no exception.