The Secret Gift – Chapter 3

Diego and Wagner are having a romantic time in front of the roaring fire crackling in the background. Wagner feeds Diego his hard cock knowing that Diego knows exactly how to pleasure him and his cock. Diego swallows Wagner’s cock feeling its girth open up his throat. Wagner sees Diego’s cock straining and growing with pleasure so he takes it into his mouth and throat. He works his cock over and gives it all the pleasures it has been begging for. Diego is then flipped and Wagner assaults his beautiful hole with his tongue and lubes it up real good with his spit. Wagner knows that Diego’s hole is well prepped and sits in the chair for Diego to squat down on his throbbing cock. Diego lowers his ass completely onto Wagner’s cock then rides the full length letting the head pop out before sliding down on it again and again. Diego pleasures himself and his ass with Wagner’s huge cock, riding it long and hard then slow and deep. Diego fucks himself with such force that his own cock flops, swings and bounces with his wild gyrations. Wagner has been driven wild by all this action that he pops his cock and sprays his hot load all over Diego’s balls and cock, Diego then re-inserts Wagner’s dripping cock into his ass. Wagner then gives his ass up to Diego, who rams his hot raw cock into Wagner’s fleshy hole. Diego pounds away at Wagner’s hole and loves the sensation of his lover’s ass muscles clenching his cock that he has to blows his load all over Wagner’s smooth ass before shoving his dripping cock back into Wagner’s ass. Awakened by all the noise, Sergio and Valentino come to investigate and find that the house has been rented to another couple during the same time frame. The guys figure that the house is big enough for both couples. The house isn’t the only big thing around here this week.